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Delta Mediation offers family mediation and conflict resolution services at an affordable rate of $200 an hour.

This mediation practice is an association of independent mediators. These independent mediators are retired lawyers experienced and accredited in mediation and dedicated to giving back to the community by providing mediated legal solutions.

Delta Mediation Services provides trusted family law mediation services to help couples resolve disputes arising from marriage breakdown (divorce) or from separation in common law marriages based on cohabitation without a legal marriage. Disputes in the area of Wills and estate litigation, and building contracts (construction law) can also be mediated.

The new Family Law Act, replacing the Family Relations Act, emphasizes non-adversarial dispute resolution, (mediation) as being a preferred means of resolving family law disputes.

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Mediation Team

Ulf Ottho

Ulf K. Ottho was first credentialed as Family Law Mediator, as a sub-specialty of being a lawyer, in 1986. Prior to attending law school, Ulf did formal studies in Psychology and accordingly has an advantage in resolving emotionally charged disputes in the areas of family law and estate litigation. Ulf is a long time resident of Delta, having practiced law in South Delta for 35 years. A major component of Ulf’s law practice was matrimonial law.
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David Hoyt

As a lawyer in private practice, David Hoyt handled several family law matters, some involving litigation and some an amicably reached separation agreement accompanied by a divorce decree. As a Senior Bankruptcy Analyst with the Federal Government’s Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (“OSB”), David conducted many mediations among trustees, creditors and bankrupts or debtors.
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